Smart Collar



Smart Collar dog recovery collar by The Company of Animals is a lightweight, comfortable, padded and more humane version of the old fashioned traditional plastic cone Elizabethan collar.

Older designs of Elizabethan dog collars are clumsy, uncomfortable and time-consuming to fit and adjust. Owners despair at the distress caused to usually active dogs, crashing into furniture and becoming dangerously disoriented. The Smart Collar recovery collar has been designed to overcome many of these problems.

Smart Collar Dog Recovery Collar

Made of translucent plastic for improved visibility, giving the dog a wider field of view than with traditional Elizabethan dog collars.

Smart Collar is padded on both edges. The padding on the neck edge allows for extra comfort while the outer edge padding is to protect humans, furniture and anything else it may knock into. Also because it has it’s own soft PVC neck piece, it does not have to be connected to the dog’s usual collar, as in other designs.

Simple to fit and easily adjustable. Snap studs make fitting and removing the Smart Collar quick and simple, even with a non co-operative dog.

Developed and tested in consultation with Dr Roger Mugford of the Animal Behaviour Centre, who recommends this kind and practical solution to avoid self-mutilation in dogs and cats.

Five sizes available to fit all breeds of dogs.

Size Measure your dog’s neck (in cm) and for length measure from behind the ears to the nose (in cm).

Smart Collr Dog Recovery Collar

 Size  Neck A (circumference in cm)  Length B (cm)
 Size 1 Small  16-25  9
 Size 2 Medium  25-31  11
 Size 3 Large  31-40  16
 Size 4 X Large  40-56  20
 Size 5 XX Large  56-66  28



Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5