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  • GimCat – 貓用麥牙味吐毛球膏(加強版)



    * 口碑第一的德國 GIMPET 貓用麥牙味吐毛球膏加強版。

    * 專為貓研製, 嚴謹生產適合所有身型貓咪。

    * 天然成份, 它能幫助毛球順利排出體外。

    * 消除因體內毛球過多而造成的嘔吐。

    * 腸胃不糾結。令腸道蠕動恢復正常。

    * 及提供額外能量, 以更好狀態地克服因便秘引起的代謝壓力。

    * 富含天然麥芽及獨特蔬菜油,能保養及潤濕毛髮。

    * 嗜口佳貓咪最愛。

    * 每週只要餵食 2~3 次,每次一個小指頭大約5cm(2.5g)長即可。

    * 添加多種營養素及 TGOS 高蛋白質,能幫助貓咪健康成長。


  • GimCat Soft Grass 自種貓草


    Soft and rich in vitamins.

    GimCat Soft Grass is a quick seeding and especially soft grass originating from controlled field cultivation.


    How to use:
    1. Pour approximately 3-3½ cups of room-temperature water (approximately ½ litre) into the GimCat Grass bowl. Pour the water equally over the contents. Remove excess water after approximately 1 hour by pouring it away.
    2. Next, put the bowl in a light and warm location, ensuring that you avoid direct sunlight and direct contact with the heating system.
    3. Regularly pour approximately ½ to ¾ cups of water equally over the contents every 2 days so that the mixture is continuously moist. Remove any excess water here as well.
    4. As soon as the grass has grown to a height of 4-5 cm (after approximately 5-8 days) you can present it to your cat.
    Tips and advice:

    Cats require fresh greenery as a nutritional supplement. They will often try to get this greenery from house plants. These can be highly toxic towards your cat, however, due to their high essential oil or pesticide content. You can avoid this by giving your cat GimCat Soft Grass. GimCat Soft Grass contains the grass that your cat needs so it can regurgitate swallowed hair. To ensure optimum growth, add room-temperature water to the bowl. Please note that during cold times of year, a newspaper underlay is important, as window ledges can get very cold. Metal windows also radiate cold. This does not support the growth of the grass either. Moistening the contents with a spray bottle on a daily basis is also a good idea. Sufficient watering should also be ensured during cold times of the year, as the mix can dry out due to the air from the central heating system. The duration of growth depends strongly on the light and temperature conditions, and the duration of cultivation may thus differ (approximately 5-8 days). If you provide your cat with fresh grass, your cat will thank you with its health and well-being.

    Tip: The Soft Grass will stay fresh for longer if you keep it in a cool place which isn’t too light after the cat has eaten.